Electrifying your fleets, starting today

7Gen provides end-to-end fleet electrification for fleet managers transitioning their vehicles to zero emissions for tomorrow.

Leading the EV revolution, we provide full-service expertise; installation, operation, maintenance, and leasing for electric vehicles and chargers.

Supporting companies to focus on their core business while moving more easily, confidently and profitably towards integrating ZE vehicles in their fleets

Why go Electric?

Lower total cost of ownership due to lower maintenance and energy costs.

Proven, reliable technology with sufficient range. Green credentials create additional business opportunities.

Incentives help ensure a positive return on investment.

Battery prices are decreasing.

What we provide:

Practical Partnerships

We connect you with institutional capital and government funding to support your zero emissions strategy. We help you afford EVs today by using future operational savings and low carbon credits to lower the upfront investment required.

Expertise & Execution

We leverage our network to build turnkey solutions that fit your business needs. Together we’ll create and execute an efficient, effective electrification transition plan that works with your existing operations. From design and procurement through installation and operation, we turn your EV road map into reality.

Leasing & Maintenance

We deploy high-performance electric vehicles and chargers with supporting software and maintenance, and provide you with a single monthly bill - leaving you to focus on your operations.

We support fleet partners through: